A nice piece by Phil Christman on finding one’s voice. His chief counsel is patience. It takes time to develop a voice, and one’s voice emerges from imitation and modification of other’s voices. Finding your voice also involves figuring out what’s so central to who you are that you can’t bear it being said anything less than perfectly:

Whatever your deal is, whatever you think is true, whatever is so beautifully right to you that it gets you out of bed in the morning (and if it’s just the scream of your baby that gets you out of bed, that’s still a worldview, because somewhere behind all your exhaustion you believe that that baby is worth raising, you believe it unquestioningly, and if you didn’t you’d quit and fail like lots of parents do)—it’s all been said before, but it’s been said a little bit wrong, because it’s been said by humans. So you dig into your experience and find the examples, the details, the concessions, the stories that will proclaim the thing the way you want it proclaimed.

When you can do this, you’ve got a voice. 💬