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Phil Christman, on why cops are cops:

Not every cop is Eric Adams, still less Darren Wilson or Derek Chauvin, but how likely is it that even the nicest one isn’t held in place, socially, and held in power, socially, by colleagues who think exactly what Eric Adams does? By people whose highest loyalty is not to you, and not, pace Chesterton, to some abstract idea symbolized by a badge, but to force?

He’s talking about Eric Adams reinstating solitary confinement in New York City jails. Though the function of police is purportedly “to serve and protect,” the reality of policing in the United States suggests a different motivation than service or protection (or, at least, it is not the whole of a community whom cops are serving and protecting): perhaps cops, even good cops, are cops because (as Christman elsewhere puts it) “they actually kinda do like force as such.”